Beautiful Design sets & Framework for Oxygen.
Build beautiful websites faster using our most flexible Tailwind CSS-Based framework, design sets & tools for Oxygen Builder.

OxyMade Framework

Check our Tailwind CSS based most sophisticated CSS framework with 100s of utility classes ready to use within Oxygen Builder.

1000+ blocks & design sets

Browse our ever growing collection of beautiful niche design sets related to, woo-commerce, SAAS, restaurant, agency businesses.

Read our documentation

We have detailed step-by-step documentation to understand our colours, design system and also framework.

OxyMade Framework

OxyMade Color System

We have developed a perfect color system based on CSS variables to power up your Oxygen builder to use multiple design sets at a time, without worrying about colors or compatibility.

Proper Design System

Get started with our ready to use design system powered by our OxyMade Framework. You have 600+ well developed CSS classes to quickly use them how ever you want.

Fluid sizing & spacing

You don’t need to set a separate spacing & sizing for each breakpoint. All our padding, margins, sizes have responsive inbuilt.



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