Squirrly Pro

Squirrly SEO is an AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization.

Focus Pages

the Assistant who maps the road to Better Rankings. For every single page. Always with different specifics.

Keyword Research Tool

The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO Superstars helps you shape a winning SEO strategy. Find untapped key phrases personalized for your site and country to get more traffic.

Best SEO Goals

Access the Know-How and the Guidance Provided by Top SEO Consultants Now in your WordPress dashboard. Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud Services.

Track SEO Results

Visualize Your SEO Progress. Celebrate Your Achievements. Squirrly makes it easy for you to monitor performance and keep track of how well your SEO efforts are paying off with automatic notifications and attractive visuals. So that you never miss out on good news!

Briefcase – Keyword Portfolio

The Missing Link in Your Keyword Strategy Squirrly’s Briefcase feature helps you take the step you’ve been overlooking by bridging the gap between Keyword Research and Strategy Implementation.

SEO Live Assistant

Squirrly’s SEO Virtual Assistant Gives You an SEO Green Light to Publish Your Content. The world of SEO can be hard to navigate, especially if you’re not an expert. It’s a jungle out there. And it’s easy to get lost! But what if you could rely on an ally to show you the way to excellent SEO? Squirrly SEO virtual assistant was built with that purpose in mind. So that YOU can publish content that is fully optimized for BOTH Search Engines and Humans – every single time!

Excellent Blogging Tools

Squirrly’s Blogging Assistant Provides Access to Advanced Research Solutions for Writers inside WordPress. As a blogger, you need both focus and inspiration to do your best work. But it’s hard to stay focused when researching an article and jumping from one tab to another. With Squirrly’s Blogging Assistant, this will no longer be an issue.

Google SERP Checker

Accurately Track Your Rankings with Squirrly’s User-Friendly Google SERP Checker. Complete with Social Media Performance Analytics.

Bulk SEO

Get a Birds-Eye-View of your Site’s Overall SEO Optimization. Forgetting to set a few elements up for some of your WordPress post types can mean that your pages never reach their full ranking potential. A seemingly small slip can significantly impact performance. Many WordPress site owners don’t achieve the Google Rankings they want because they do NOT have essential SEO settings activated for their current post types. Bulk SEO provides tremendous oversight to shield your site from such errors.

SEO Audits

Improve Your Online Presence By Knowing How Your Website Performs In Terms Of Blogging, SEO, Social, Authority, Links, and Traffic. We used to call the weekly site performance audit our users receive from Squirrly, an SEO audit. That was until we realized we’re offering so much more.

14 Days Journey to Page 1 of Google

When you install Squirrly SEO on your WordPress site, you get all the SEO requirements your sites need to be successful and become ultra-competitive. You’re all set to start driving your most valuable pages to Better Rankings. However, you’re the one behind the wheel.

Customize Open Graph

Make Social Media count for your marketing strategy with Squirrly’s Social Media Settings. Easily set it up once. Then sit back and enjoy how great your shares look.

Easy eCommerce Social Media

Your WordPress website is about to get smarter with social media management! Squirrly SEO has updated its tracking features according to the Google and Facebook tracking codes changes. You’ll have more control over your products’ promotion and eCommerce social media metrics – right from your WP dashboard. Squirrly Plugin currently supports these social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram.

SEO Snippet Tool

If you were among the top ten listings on the front page of Google right now, would you live up to the opportunity?

It’s not only important that you show up in search. HOW you show up matters as well. A bad-looking listing makes you look bad- even if you are an industry leader.

XML Sitemap Generator

Make Sure Your Site Is Always on Google’s Radar. Use Squirrly’s Sitemap Generator and Settings to help your site get crawled and indexed by Google.

JSON-LD Semantic SEO

Simple and flexible, without the need for you to dive into the actual code. It’s time to impress Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper and skyrocket your website’s SEO potential with structured data!

Duplicate Removal Tool

Looking for a way to fix and avoid those identical meta-information issues reported by Google’s Search Console? We’ve got you covered. Squirrly SEO helps you fix your duplicate meta description and titles by combining the power of automation with advanced customization solutions.


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