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EmbedPress Pro
All-In-One WordPress Embedding Solution To Fuel up Gutenberg Blocks & Elementor Editor

Create Interactive Content In Gutenberg With EmbedPress

Instantly embed any content to your website using Gutenberg Blocks from EmbedPress

Why Does Your Website Need EmbedPress?

Using this WordPress Embed Plugin, brands are getting the following advantages

Embed Multimedia Content

EmbedPress supports 100+ content sources.

Enhance User Experience

Embed audio-visual content to plain text-based posts.

Get More Followers

Introduce your social side to your site-visitors.

Enhance Your Content With Exclusive Features

Unlock premium features of EmbedPress and take your creativity to the next level

Turn On Lazy Load

Enable lazy loading for embedding images on your website so they load faster

Embed Live Twitch Streams

Display live Twitch streams and embed them in your content with one click

Add Custom Branding

Effortlessly set global branding and custom logos for all your video embeds

Embed Anything & Make High-Performing Content

Unique ways to increase engagement rates & convert your visitors into paying customers

Embed Facebook Posts & Videos

EmbedPress allows you to embed Facebook posts and videos. It makes easier for you to embed social media content into your WordPress site

Embed Google Maps

Embed Google Maps by pasting the URL and turn it into interaction content within your WordPress blog post or web pages

Embed Google Docs

EmbedPress supports the whole range of Google Drive options including Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Presentations, and Forms.

Embed Wistia Videos

EmbedPress is the easy and fully-featured solution if you want to use Wistia videos with your WordPress Website.

Embed Vimeo Videos

Add Vimeo videos to your website by simply entering the URL in your editor

Embed Instagram Images

With the help of EmbedPress, it is very simple to embed Instagram images in WordPress, you don’t need to mess around with any codes.

Embed Giphy GIFs

Embed gifs and memes to add humor to your WordPress posts. Use EmbedPress to embed content directly from Giphy.

Customize YouTube Embeds With Advanced Features

Engage your users using stunning content from different media platforms

Add Custom Branding For Youtube videos

Easily add your own custom logo for branding Youtube embeds

Show Or Hide Closed Captions

Enable or disable showing closed captions in videos by default

Customize Video Progress Bar Colors

Choose the colors to display the progress of your Youtube video

Display Annotations And Related Videos

Show annotations and related videos based on user preferences


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