Kadence Cloud

Host your own library in three easy steps.
No coding or special server required!

Build your library

Install Kadence Cloud on a publicly accessible site. This can be a subdomain or its own domain. Create content just like you would normally.

Connect your library

With Kadence Blocks installed, click the design library button and the + icon to add a new connection. Enter your cloud URL and access key.

Drop-in your content

Any time you want to pull in content from your Cloud, click the design library button, browse your library, and drop in your content.

Manage Cloud Items

Organize your cloud items, generate screenshots, easily add new items any time.

  • Organize by collection
  • Organize by category
  • Generate screenshots
  • Define search terms

Manage Cloud Access

Setup custom access keys for each user you want to give access to, remove access at any time.

  • Generate Access Keys
  • Set force re-sync rate
  • Make notes with each key
  • Only include specific collections with each key


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