WooCommerce Product Configurator

Save Time Creating Images for Product Variations

  • Use PNG image layers to create the final product image.
  • Easily manage stock levels for each of your product’s options.

Save time with layered image layers

When using WooCommerce Product Configurator, you can assign a transparent PNG image to each attribute value; the main image is then compiled in layers. Save hours of time by not having to create an image for every possible variation of your product.


Product image changes as customer makes each selection

Customers can see the product they are choosing more quickly, making their experience far more enjoyable.


Manage inventory of each attribute option

WooCommerce Product Configurator gives you the opportunity to mange the stock of each attribute option. If your product is built-to-order, then this level of stock management is perfect for you.


Mobile friendly

WooCommerce Product Configurator works well on all devices.


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