WooCommerce Bundled Products

Increase the Average Order Value with Product Bundles
Whether it’s the latest outfit, a retro bedroom, or a flower bed; you can use the WooCommerce Bundled Products plugin to make it easy for your customers to add items to their cart all from a single product page.

Product bundles

Bundle multiple products together on a single product page.


Add all to cart

Add all of the products in your bundle to cart at once, or one at a time.


Shop the look

Perfect for creating shop the look style product pages, selling multiple items from a single look or collection.


Price display options

Choose to display the bundled product price as a range, combined, or a custom price.


Any product type

Create bundles consisting of any product type, be it simple, variable, or anything else.


Discounts and custom prices

Add fixed discounts and custom prices to your bundled products when all the items are bought together.


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