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Show Variations on the Shop Page

Help Customers Find What They’re Looking For

  • Give customers a clear and straightforward shopping experience by displaying variations as single products.
  • Show accurate search and filter results that show individual products, rather than catch-all variable products.
  • Save customers time, clicks, and frustration by improving the browsing experience.


Show Variations in Filter and Search

Expand Your Product Catalog in Just a Few Clicks

  • Choose which variations to show on the shop page, filtered results, search results, featured listings, or none of the above.
  • Hide the parent variable product for a cleaner look.
  • Help customers find the right products, quickly.


Add to Cart

Save Your Customers Clicks

  • Add variations to cart right from the product listing pages.
  • Prevent unnecessary clicks through to single product pages.
  • Increase your shop’s average order value by making it easier to buy from you.


Edit Variation Titles

Create Appealing Variation Titles

  • Change the default titles for each of your product variations.
  • Increase the chance of a sale by making each product appealing and “clickable”.


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