WooCommerce QuickTray

Increase Sales by Speeding up the Buying Process

WooCommerce QuickTray offers you another take on the conventional product quick view modal. It acts as an inline quick view, showing your product details within the list of products.

Guide customers to checkout more quickly

It’s unlikely you’ll find a customer who enjoys waiting for pages to load. WooCommerce QuickTray combats that by displaying any product instantly inside your catalog, ready for purchase.


View product images and additional information

By loading your product using QuickTray, customers can quickly view all product images and any additional information that may be missing on the catalog page.


Save development time and costs

The revolutionary inline quick view works with any well-coded WooCommerce theme with no configuration.


Product exposure

Customers can browse your product collection more quickly, increasing product exposure and the chance of sales.


Compatible with your theme

WooCommerce QuickTray is compatible with all well-coded WooCommerce themes. If you face any issues, just let me know!


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