WPPayForm Pro

Skyrocket your Conversion Rate with WPPayForm
Offer your users the simplest and fastest way of online payment with PayPal and Stripe. Skyrocket your conversion rate in no time!

Stripe Checkout Fields

Stripe checkout.js popup and Stripe Elements Checkout with a securely embedded feature.

PayPal Payment Options

Don’t limit your users to just Stripe! Add PayPal payment options to your payment form too!

Pre-Built Payment Forms

Ready-to-use payment forms that can be deployed right away, without writing any code!

Subscriber Opt-in

Provide subscriber opt-in option along with Payment fields. Increase your scope of recurring revenue!

Monthly/Annual Subscription

Automate your users’ monthly/annual subscription fee payment and receive payments without any hassle!

User Inputted Payment

Don’t confine any possibilities. Enable users to customise the amount they want to pay and earn their trust!

Tax Calculated Fields

Set particular tax rates against Item prices and get automatically calculated net amount.

Multiple Option Payment

Checkbox/Radio Button options enable users to choose from multiple options.

Customized Notification Email

Configure and send customised notification emails to the payees & confirm payment.

Currency Settings

WPPayForm supports 135+ currencies, same as Stripe. Thus, it enables you to accept any currency type you want.

General Input Fields

Name, Address, Email and all the other input fields you might need to create an optional contact form.

Quantity Field

Dynamic and ready-to-deploy Quantity Input fields that automatically calculate the users’ payable amount.

Collect Relevant Addresses

With WPPayForm, collect billing and shipping address of the customers in the same form, whenever necessary!

File Upload

With this feature, you can receive every types of user uploaded files. You can limit the uploading file size and the quantity of file upload.

Custom CSS & JS

With WPPayForm, you can write your expected custom CSS for any particular payment form and style them as required.

Account Management

WPPayForm comes with a precise reporting feature. You can find out a detailed report of all form-submissions using a particular form and manage them in bulk.

Submission Management

With built-in submission management system, you can see the total view of your payments, submitted forms, which payments are failed and which are completed.

Data Import-Export

With WPPayForm, you can export form entries from external sources. You can export data in four different formats. You can export entries in CSV, Excell, ODC, and JSON formats.

Design Settings

You can customize your form design styles from a wide range of design settings including label position, submit button position, form labels and styling for input fields.


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